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Topic: Shadow terror 466

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  • Shadow terror 466

    Hello all. Not sure whether to post this in Spoilers or Rules Q&A...

    Anyway. The Shadow Terror's Armour increases by 1 every round. Is there meant to be a maximum for this, or can it go up forever? (If the former, does this basically mean you either need to be superlucky or have something like Bleed or Venom to win?)

  • Re: Shadow terror 466

    Because of the armour increase you need to win rounds and kill it as fast as possible. Its a dps race, yo want to kill it before its armour gets too high to damage. Cool fight.

  • Re: Shadow terror 466

    i found that quite an easy fight from what i remember. Perhaps your speed rating is causing you the problem. Losing many early rounds of the combat would mean that you end up doing little damage later. Save your piercing ability for later rounds (if you have it) so that you can ignore the armour and upload your other abilities at the start. I suppose passives are a big advantage in this fight

  • Re: Shadow terror 466

    Not an easy fight at all. It was difficult with both my characters but then I did not have ideal careers (gladiator and pickpocket). It took me many tries but found that a speed potion helped and the +4 brawn one from Tanner taht you make with ingredients.

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