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Topic: Defending Winters Hill

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  • Defending Winters Hill

    Hey. I did this quest for the second time using my warrior hero (a ranger.) I was thinking about what the best choice of rods is to increase your chances of winning. I died on the giants so didn't get to the final boss. Going to try it again tonight (just for fun, I know its cheating!!) What choices have other people made and what do you think is best?

  • Re: Defending Winters Hill

    Its going to depend on your hero I think. Working off the principle that the last boss is the hardest then either the speed rod (if you want to win more rounds) or the one that lowers armour (if you already have 13 or 14 speed and need to do more damage). Can't remember what the other rod does (lower brawn and magic?) which is naff so use somewhere else.

  • Re: Defending Winters Hill

    The speed rod for the east passge. That is where the final boss monster comes from.

  • Re: Defending Winters Hill

    round 1 - packmasters and ghouls =north
    round 2 - necromancers and skellies =west
    round 3 - bone giants =north
    round 4 - rottagast and beetles =east

    i use rod of slowing on east, rod of rending on north (for bone giasnt armour) and rod of enfeeble on west. don't think it matter that much

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