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Topic: Ghoul Hair Spider Leg

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  • Ghoul Hair Spider Leg

    Hello everyone. To save me carrying these items around can anyone tell me if they have any use in Act 2 or 3? Thanks!

  • Re: Ghoul Hair Spider Leg

    You use them in Act 2 to make potions. I think the spider's leg is an ingredient in a speed potion, I can't remember what the ghoul's hair does. If you need the backpack space then just dump them, I did!

  • Re: Ghoul Hair Spider Leg

    Thanks Stabby, Backpack space is indeed at a premium. I wonder how many people keep them and make potions?

  • Re: Ghoul Hair Spider Leg

    There is a book you buy from a vendor that lets you pick herbs in some of the Act 2 quests. The herbs don't take up any backpack slots so better to use them to make what you need. or if you are lazy and rich, just buy them from the vendor. ;-)

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