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Topic: Orgorath fight (wiccan side) - Book 2

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  • Orgorath fight (wiccan side) - Book 2

    If we fight Orgorath with the help of the Wicca, we have this special ability
    "Earth golems: The magical golems inflict 2 damage to Orgorath at the end of each combat round. If you lose a combat round, you can sacrifice the golems instead of taking damage. This means the golems’ damage ability will no longer apply for the duration of the combat."
    I guess the damage inflicted by the golems ignore Orgorath's armor of 4, right? If not, they wouldn't be enough to damage it...

  • Re: Orgorath fight (wiccan side) - Book 2

    Yes, any type of passive damage like that will always ignore armour (unless otherwise stated). Admittedly, I do normally remind readers of this, but clearly I didn't in this fight!

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