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Topic: Bilhal the Fish and Joseph - Book 2

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  • Bilhal the Fish and Joseph - Book 2

    When we enter the inn at Raven's nest and have the word Joseph, we'll meet Bilhal the Fish, who'll attack us.
    If we win, we lose the word Joseph and gain Joseph's vest.
    If we lose against Bilhal, we lose half our gold, but dont' lose the word Joseph... (albeit we have a chance to gain the word Fallen knigh). So, it's possible to fight Bilhal again (each time losing half gold), or this is 'cheating' and we are supposed to lose the word Joseph after the fist defeat (thus losing the possibility to fight Bilhal again)?
    The conversation with the fallen knight (he says that Bilhal has been banned from the inn) seems to suggest that we can fight her only once, but I'm not sure. Thanks.

  • Re: Bilhal the Fish and Joseph - Book 2

    Thanks for your question. I don't have the book immediately to hand but I can be pretty confident in saying that it is an oversight, and once defeated you should remove the keyword - so you only get the one chance to fight her.

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