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Topic: DQ4-The Tomb of Garriot

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  • DQ4-The Tomb of Garriot

    Just wondering, having now completed DQ4 after lo these many months, how to access The Tomb of Garriot Dungeon Delve as nothing in the text led me to it. ie. which paragraph actually leads to it?

  • Re: DQ4-The Tomb of Garriot

    Long story, but that quest was actually only meant to be printed in the hardback version of the book (which never happened) - but through a mistake with my publisher, that quest got added to the standard paperback version.

    Basically, it is a red level dungeon delve that you can take on during Act 2, although you would probably want to save it until you've done the red quest and before you do the boss battle.

    There would be no harm in still playing it, even if you have finished the book. Think of it as a flash back if you want. It might contain some gear upgrades. But it is entirely optional. It was basically unlocked during the Kickstarter as an added bonus.

  • Re: DQ4-The Tomb of Garriot

    Ah, that explains it. Your publishers mistake is at least a happy accident for everyone else!

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