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Topic: LoS Vesuvius - Body of Flame

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  • LoS Vesuvius - Body of Flame

    Usually, the enemy abilites "body of flame" means "Your opponents are immune to sear, bleed, fire aura, burn and ignite." This is true for Magmageddon, Cinders and the Phoenix.
    While Vesuvius is immune only to sear, bleed and fire aura. Is it correct or should it be immune to burn and ignite too? Thanks

  • Re: LoS Vesuvius - Body of Flame

    Sorry to bother you, Michael, but probably you missed this

  • Re: LoS Vesuvius - Body of Flame

    Burn and ignite are not in the game at that point. They are gained via the pyromancer career, which is earned by defeating Vesuvius.

  • Re: LoS Vesuvius - Body of Flame

    Oh right! I didn't think of it, nice touch!

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