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Topic: LoS Act 1 Warrior/Rogue build

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  • LoS Act 1 Warrior/Rogue build


    After the Mage build, it is time for the Warrior/Rogue Act 1 build.
    There is isn't a specific set for the Warrior/Rogue, so you can choose to collect the Spindlesilk (doing the correct choice before the battle with Spindle) and sell the items for 20 gold each or don't collect the Spindlesilk; the latter is the choice i made for this build.

    Bat Leather/Crocodile Skin or Damaged Shield/Crocodile Skin can combine to have good items for Warrior/Rogue, but again, i made a different choice/path.

    So i played Act 1 more freely respect to the Mage build, because there are some good options.

    This is the order in which i played the quests:
    Village: 6
    Easy: 15, 22, 10
    Average: 66, 4
    Hard: 111, 72
    Legendary: 29, 18
    Hardest: 87
    Legendary: 49
    Hard: 25
    Boss: 97

    I played the Stone Circle (25, Hard Quest), right before the last fight with the Boss Monster, because i have reached Speed 8! and i defeated Noldor without using the runes (Special Achievement!).
    If you are not interested in this Special Achievement, you can use the runes and keep your main hand weapon; at that point you should have or the Ancient Sword, bleed (pa) or the Venomous Fang, venom (pa), both very good weapons that do a good combo with the first cut (pa) ability.

    N.B: The Warrior/Rogue path has a more specific route to find a very strong "Head" item; But you need to find 3 keys: two in Act 1, and one in Act 2...and another item, but since it isn't difficult must solve also a puzzle! But it is not over, icing on the cake: the last path is chosen randomly!
    Anyway, also the Mage can achieve it, but the key's path in Act 2 has more potential for the Warrior/Rogue, if the luck is on your side!

    N.B.: Spider leg and Ghoul hair can be mixed with other items and be useful during Act 2 to boost your Brawn and Armour (potions).

    These are the Act 1 final stats:
    S8/B7/M1/A2/H45 (Warrior) or H35 (Rogue)
    Abilities: Fearless (sp), First cut (pa), Steadfast (pa), Might of Stone (mo), Piercing (co), Charm (mo) x3, Lightning (pa).

    While with the Mage i filled all available items' slots, here i haven't equipped the Necklace; when i had the chance to equip one i have chosen a different reward.

    With this build i even did better than the Mage, where i have lost a couple of fights; here i had only 1 defeat with legendary monster quest 49, that's why i played it after the Hardest quest 87, the better equipment helped me.

  • Re: LoS Act 1 Warrior/Rogue build

    Amazing build. Really impressive attention to detail and min/maxing. Shows the potential of hero building in Act 1 to set you up for Act 2.

    I know who to call on for game testing now lol

  • Re: LoS Act 1 Warrior/Rogue build


    The only "problem" with these build is that you start Act 2 with the backpack full of very useful items like Troll's blood, Speed potions, Forest Dew...and you
    need room for the Compendium, the Field guide.

    hope to do something similar for Act 2, some spoilers/hints here and there, only to show the incredible amount of options this book gives you.
    I updated the post, because i forgot to mention the 3 keys/Diamond/Ruby/Stone Tablet "mini quest" that starts in Act 1 and allows you to open a marvelous chest in Act 2.

    Act 2 has way more possibilities and some tough choices.

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