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Topic: LoS Act 1 Mage build

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  • LoS Act 1 Mage build


    Since i am playing again all the DQ saga in these weeks, i want to share what i think is a good Mage build for Act 1.
    This time i played the first Act with a main target, complete the Spindlesilk Set (Cloak, Chest, Feet):
    Boots +1S/+1M
    Mantle +1M/+1A
    Cloak +1S/+2M
    Total: +2S/+4M/+1A

    The difficult part to obtain this set is, in my opinion, the Brawn challenge, Tomb lid (8+) @ section 182.
    I raised my brawn to 3 to have some chances (lucky 4+1 roll).
    n.b.: If you wanna complete this set you can't complete the Clymonistra Adornments Set. (one or the other)

    This is the order in which i played the quests:
    Village: 6
    Easy: 22, 15, 10
    Average: 66, 4
    Hard: 72, 111
    Legendary: 29, 18, 49
    Hardest: 87
    Hard: 25
    Boss: 97

    I played the Stone Circle (25, Hard Quest), right before the last fight with the Boss Monster, because i have reached Speed 7 and i defeated Noldor without using the runes (Special Achievement!).

    These are the Act 1 final stats:
    Abilities: Fearless (sp), Spider Sense (co), Might of Stone (mo), Piercing (co), Charm (mo) x2, Eureka (mo), Lightning (pa).

    Could have been even better with the Essense of Shadow, left hand weapon: S7/B0/M11/A3/H40
    It's so strong that you can play quest 305 Act 2 without problems.

  • Re: LoS Act 1 Mage build

    Too true.

    Funny I get a lot of criticism for Book 1 based on its difficulty. But I think if people played a hero, learned the game first through experimentation - then started over with what they know (like you do when you die 1000 times in most gamebooks lol) - they can overcome the whole book.

  • Re: LoS Act 1 Mage build

    About Noldor: It was very useful the Forest Dew, fight lasted 15 rounds and i almost lost it after 9 rounds.

    It is important to know when "turn right or left" to collect all the items you need, and also some moral choices (give the Black Book or not to Fletch, kill the Grey Hag or not, help Scarlet in the wood or not...) can totally change your career/path/stats and make things easier or more difficult.

    I did the same for the Warrior/Rogue path, will post more later.

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