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Topic: key words

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  • key words

    Hey guys. I just finished up the fourth book with a warrior (sentinel) - have to give credit to Da Boss - incredible characters and story telling. Didn't want it to end

    I had a couple of floating key words I never ticked off and now I wondering if they are for the next book.

    I have PRINCE and TYRANT. Did anyone use those? I don't really want to know how/where but just if they have a use that I missed. I'm going to play again with a mage but have some other gamebooks waiting for my attention so won't get round to it for a while.

  • Re: key words

    Thanks Rinzler!

    Tyrant is used in Act 1. Prince will be used in the next book. Hope that helps!

  • Re: key words

    Thank you! Yes that makes sense as there were a few areas I missed as I couldn't access them. I'll try and make sure to do those on my next run!

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