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Topic: Dune Sea para 560

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  • Dune Sea para 560

    This puzzle is doing my head in... can anyone give me a little clue to get started?

  • Re: Dune Sea para 560

    coincidence, i've just started this quest this afternoon.
    later i try to solve it.
    Are you enjoying the book? i am loving it.

  • Re: Dune Sea para 560

    Start with the central sun and work outwards - each movement adds a certain number operation based on the column away from that centre and the smaller suns on the pathways.

  • Re: Dune Sea para 560

    Central sun? Now I’m oven more confused!!

  • Re: Dune Sea para 560

    Sorry, that was probably a bit misleading. The circle with the lowest number (7).

  • Re: Dune Sea para 560

    Found it!

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