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Topic: Bug in Raiders?

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  • Bug in Raiders?

    If you steal the horse in the prologue you can still go into the town and get the bounty from the sheriff. Then later you can get kicked out of the town by the sheriff, but when you kill the Grundy family you still get the reward. Kinda weird.

  • Re: Bug in Raiders?

    Yes, I sort of see your point but you obviously did very well to defeat the Grundy family *before* the orange quest (which would sort of help with the issue with the town situation).

    It's not a bug as such, but yeah might feel a bit strange that the sheriff lets you collect the bounty even though he doesn't want you around. I guess he was too gobsmacked and impressed by your feat that he was willing to give you a momentary reprieve ;) After all, you'd still be banned from the other areas of the town, so imagine he marched you back out again afterwards

    EDIT: Sorry, re-read your original comment - and see that you took the escape option from the town instead (which is a surprise you made the difficult check). So I can see it might seem a little odd, but remember that significant time will have likely passed between the two events, so hopefully not too immersion breaking!

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