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Topic: spoiler witchfinder

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  • spoiler witchfinder

    How do i learn the witchfinder career?! i thought i would get it in the count's ball but didn't. confused now. Can someone help me?

  • Re: spoiler witchfinder

    You not kill the count?

  • Re: spoiler witchfinder

    yes but nothing happened. I got some rewards then the quest was over Ha is my version bugged? ;o)

  • Re: spoiler witchfinder

    There are different endings to that quest depending on if you die or survive to the end

  • Re: spoiler witchfinder

    New spoiler forum!!

    Multiple endings. Thought as much. Would explain why I missed that career /cry. I made it as far as the bats on the battlements and then got pwned (I only had 12 health at the start of the fight) Must take more health potions with me when I try that quest again (my favourite so far!)

  • Re: spoiler witchfinder

    Curses! I wanted that career!

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