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Topic: ACT 1: Blue Quest P25 **SPOILERS**

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  • ACT 1: Blue Quest P25 **SPOILERS**

    I've just completed this quest, and blimey... it was an epic struggle for my meagre hero! haha
    Maybe I picked the quest a little too soon for my hero, but thankfully the challenge felt really well balanced... the amount of playtesting really shows and has paid off.

    I recall in some old FF books there occasionally didn't feel like much thought had been put into the progressively harder battles. Just the stats edged up a few notches and not much thought put into what state the players character would be in at this stage.

    The different special skills of each of the rune-keepers(?) really did help to give a different feel to each battle. I wasn't best pleased to be on the receiving end of two damage dice! haha

    The final battle of this quest was a real nail-biter for my hero. I'd used up all of my Goblin Grog and my Healing Potion on the previous battles, so I didn't fancy my chances at all....
    .... but praise be for my Traveller's Band (ring with Charm) and my Weather Ring (Lightning)! Without those I would have been stuffed (I didn't get the Malachi Rune which would have been nice!).

    So, there you go. I'm enjoying geeking out to this book a great deal. On to the next quest!

  • Re: ACT 1: Blue Quest P25 **SPOILERS**

    Yeah, that was an interesting quest and I liked the rune idea. Call me foolish but I tried for the special achievement...... oh boy, did I get that wrong!!! Think that is for uber players who have completed all of act 1.

    I think whichever blue quest you choose, the difficulty steps up quite steeply at first. I died to the ghouls in the church but once I got past them and started getting nice rewards my hero really got quite powerful. I am starting act 3 and think the balancing is perfect. There are some really really tricky fights (the legendary monsters) but there is always a way to defeat them. Sometimes you need to go away and rethink your tactics or get a new ability. All very nicely done. I don't remember enjoying a book so much. I wish I had more time to play!

  • Re: ACT 1: Blue Quest P25 **SPOILERS**

    I got all 4 runes and discarded stuff from my backpack to make room. However, the instruction 'mark it on your adventure sheet' doesn't specifically say 'put in your rucksack'. Have I just destroyed 4 useful potions for no reason? Thanks

  • Re: ACT 1: Blue Quest P25 **SPOILERS**

    Backpack items look like other items with the (backpack) description in brackets. Runes and herbs and other items where it says make a note of them, you don't use your backpack for. At least that's what I thought. Think you wasted your potions there!

  • Re: ACT 1: Blue Quest P25 **SPOILERS**

    Yes, items that are followed by the line 'simply make a note of it on your hero sheet' are not backpack items. Quite a few quest items are like this (such as keys) to avoid cluttering up your backpack.

    In The Heart of Fire, this is made more explicit in the text. As Silicon Spirit says, backpack items appear with the (backpack) suffix and are shown in the same way as regular items. Any items that are italicised in the text are not backpack items.

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