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Topic: Story synopsis

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  • Story synopsis

    So I just finished Eye of Winter's Fury, after a several year hiatus. I think I mostly remember what happened in the first 2 books, but I got a little bit confused. Can anyone remind me what happened to the heroes at the end of the first two books?

  • Re: Story synopsis

    Hi Gold Penguin

    (I've moved this to the spoiler thread.)

    In answer to your question:

    Legion of Shadow: At the end of the book, the Black Guard (an elite battalion of shadowspawn) attack the city of Talanost as part of a second invasion force. General Ravenwing, with the help of city militia and the mages from the king's army, are able to retake the city. Using the chaos as a distraction, one shadowstalker named Lorcan attempts to acquire a magical artefact from the city museum. He is defeated by the hero - but in his defeat, Lorcan uses his nefarious magic to fuse himself with the hero, taking over his body. The Nevarin hero becomes an unwitting slave to Lorcan.

    Heart of Fire: The hero defeats the demon prince, Cern, and is able to acquire the legendary demonic sword, Ragnarok. At the end of the story, Lorcan steals away this powerful artefact. The hero swears his revenge - aware of the devastating power and evil contained with the sword. The hero returns to Carvel to discover that the city has been sacked by the Wiccans, who are led by Conall. The hero pledges his support to their cause so that he can gain the tutelage of Damaris, to better understand his powers of prophecy.

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