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Topic: Some questions

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  • Some questions

    So I have a few questions (please avoid spoilers if possible)

    a) Is there a way to permanently raise your base attributes and health other than your path/career and items? Something like a consumable that when used will raise an attribute permanetly
    b) What is the maximum number of abilities one monster can have?
    c) I have two items with Charm on them, I assumed that I can only reroll 2 dice per combat, but I found another ability (Eureka I believe) that specifically states that you can use it once per combat, does that mean that I can use charm twice per combat round?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide

  • Re: Some questions

    I'll try to answer as best I can -_-

    a) There are runes you can get in Bk2 and Bk3 that boost an attribute on an item but I don't know about Bk1. In general nearly everything comes from the gear you pick up.

    Oh health goes up at various points of the story.

    b) Others may have a good idea of this. Some of the team battles in Bk2 have powerful monsters. There is a big drake in act 2 that has lots of special rules. On average monsters have 2 or 3.

    c) Charm and heal can be used as many times as you have that ability. If you have 2 charm then you can use it twice in a whole combat. All other abilities are usually once a combat.

    I'm rusty so others might have better advice

  • Re: Some questions

    But those runes are consumed right? you don't have to keep them in your backpack?
    So the maximum is probably 10 or so? I'm asking cause I'm trying to build an app to help me keep records , so I need to know up to how many ability slots I should put on monsters.

  • Re: Some questions

    Runes are used as soon as you get them. I couldn't say on a maximum as they are kinda rare so I'd expect no more than +5 on an attribute.

    I checked the team battles fight and the drake has 7 special rules and I reckon that was one of the biggest so 8-10 to be safe?

  • Re: Some questions

    There is a browser version available btw --

  • Re: Some questions

    runes are attached to your equipment. You lose the equipment you lose the +.

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