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Topic: Favourite Careers Thread

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  • Favourite Careers Thread

    Hi all,

    I don't recall ever seeing the standard 'What is your favourite ...?' thread on these forums, so I thought I'd start with a thread to give your favourite (and least favourite)careers. I thought I'd start and that I'd divide by book and by path.

    Legion of Shadow


    Cavalier: - The ability to double your armour for the entire fight and do regular damage is just too OP for this not to be my favourite LoS Warrior career. If your armour score is high enough, most opponents can't even hit you with their damage score attacks. This assumes that the 'Shield Wall' ability isn't unintentionally missing a 'for one round only' rule of course; even the Ranger pales into comparison in my opinion. The Inquisitor career is my least favourite choice from this path - it feels underwhelming for a career that is difficult to get!


    Pyromancer: - This was a tough choice as I was torn between the Pyromancer and the Necromancer but in the end I felt that the Pyro just pips the Necro to the post with their incredible dps ability. The Medic career is the one that lands at the bottom of the pack IMO.


    Witchfinder: - Another tough choice as both the Assassin and the Shadowstalker are very strong careers as well. However, having the ability to finish off any enemy when their Health drops to the same value as your Speed score is incredibly powerful, particularly late in the game when your Speed is usually 15+. The Swordmaster is the disappointing weak link in a strong LoS Rogue line up IMO.

    Heart of Fire


    Monk: - This one pips 'Spirit Hunter' to the post, just because of the amazing ability to dish out tons of damage by ignoring enemy armour - in most cases, twice per combat if you have 'Piercing'! The ability to reduce or negate some passive damage effects is also incredibly useful. Spirit Hunter is strong as well but loses out because of how challenging it is to get the career. Titan is easily the weakest of the bunch, paling into insignificance against all other Warrior careers.


    Scholar: - This one pips all the others to the post, despite the challenge involved to get it. Being able to reroll your damage dice at any time and being able to amplify your Magic with spell books just makes this class a dps powerhouse. The weak link in a strong line up of Mage careers has to be Druid just for its unreliability (and getting the upgrade to boost the Druid's powers isn't worth it in my opinion).


    Thief: - This one just wins out over the Blood Archer and the Pariah - again for the strong dps potential. Probably the weakest link in this line up is the Pilgrim.

    Eye of Winter's Fury


    Storm Carl: - The Einherjar is strong as well but the Storm Carl's ability to finish off opponents quickly just beats it (even with the 'nerf'). Bottom of the pack is the Glaciator - I've never felt even slightly inclined to give this career a try if I'm currently a Storm Carl or Einherjar as it seems pretty underwhelming.


    Valkryn: - I was tempted to go with Revenant but then changed my mind; both are very strong classes though. I'd put Chemist at the bottom of the pile because of its unreliability.


    Reaver: - I'm going to go with Reaver for this path, even though it loses a lot of its strength in the late game. Once you hit the late game, any of the other three careers are viable choices IMO but none seem to ever shine as strongly as the Reaver once did! None are really weak, but if I had to choose a weak link I'd probably pick Bard just because it felt a bit chaotic when I played one.

    PS: I thought I'd drop this in the spoilers section so as not to unintentionally give away anything about careers that people may not know even exist.


  • Re: Favourite Careers Thread

    An interesting and insightful read - thanks Alziel. I look forward to hearing other opinions.

    You do raise a good point though in your cavalier analysis, shield wall is one round only. Not sure how that got missed (all this time)! Having that as a permanent for the combat would be pretty game breaking!

  • Re: Favourite Careers Thread

    The fact Shield Wall is a combat ability, and specifically states it can only be used once per combat, led me to believe that it was indeed for one round only! Nice for Da Boss to confirm I've been playing it right! Haha.

    Also, with regards to the Monk career in book 2: it's been a long while since I've played this again (still working my way through my book 1 re-read), but surely you can only use Piercing ONCE per combat? Or do you also get an ability that's a 'functional reprint' of piercing?

  • Re: Favourite Careers Thread

    Hi Boss!

    I figured that was probably the case with 'Shield Wall'. The team at Quest Forge have also interpreted it as lasting for the whole combat in the DQI game as well, so I guess they should be alerted or everyone will be playing as a Cavalier! :-D

    Kodanshi - yep, the Monk does indeed get a functional replica of 'Piercing' - their 'Focused Strike' ability does exactly the same thing with the only caveat being that it requires 'Fists' or 'Fist Weapons' in both hands to be available to use. The upside is, that it's not 'Piercing', so I played the ability in fights where the enemy was immune to 'Piercing' as well - which I hope was intended by Da Boss and isn't another oversight! I just imagined that the Monk's inscribed fists were magical and so were able to punch through anything, even hide or armour that is normally impervious to everything else.

  • Re: Favourite Careers Thread


    I've finally got round to doing the third of my three career ranking articles here:

    As you will see from this and the previous two I agree with most of your analysis.

    I disagree on Pyromancer, which I see as weak given that most of your combats in Legion of Shadow are against strong single opponents. I also think swordsmaster is good - you can have two +3 speed weapons and do 3 damage everytime you roll a six for attack speed. What's not to like? Finally not sure why you think Einherjar is strong.

  • Re: Favourite Careers Thread

    Hi Rougie! Long time no speak.

    Nice to see that we're on the same page for most of my choices at least!

    Regarding the Pyromancer, I am still in two minds as to whether or not Necromancer is the better choice but when I last played as Pyromancer I found the Act 3 and Bonus Quest fights to be really easy because there were so many fights with multiple opponents! The ability to inflict 2 damage dice to each enemy and then inflict additional passives on top of my other passives meant that the fights were over very quickly. I do agree that there is a lack of multiple opponents throughout LoS but not in Act 3!

    Swordmaster - I have to admit that I've never played it. I've never really felt the urge to do so as it always seemed underwhelming compared to whichever career I was currently playing. I'll give it a try on my next play through and I may very well change my mind.

    Einherjar - maybe it was my build when I played this career but I found him to be very strong. Maybe it was how he was geared - I can't really recall. I'll have to check out my Hero sheet for him when I get a chance. I do remember that the 'Stampede' ability on the mammoth horn was great, though!


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