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Topic: Careers

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  • Careers

    Hi i was wondering were i can find all the rogue careers for the first book.

  • Re: Careers

    There are five Rogue careers in Book 1: Witchfinder, Pickpocket, Assassin, Shadowstalker, and Swordmaster. Four of them can be found in Act 2, the last in Act 3. I can tell you where and how to get each career, but it would involve spoilers. Here's a hint for one career: go to the town of No Hope in Act 2 (Section 330), make sure to turn to the section asking if it's your first time visiting No Hope, and take the tour.

  • Re: Careers

    A further hint for another career: in Act 1 you shouldn't believe any of her excuses!

    This will lead you on the path to the one which is by far the toughest to get (almost like a 'secret' or an 'easter egg' it's so well hidden.)

  • Re: Careers

    Agree about how delightfully well-hidden that career is. The problem is, to get it, you have to take part in a major injustice.

  • Re: Careers

    Yep - I've never yet taken that career, mostly because of the morality of it; however, the one time I did attempt it, I fell at the second hurdle in Act 2.

    Heart of Fire has a number of 'tough to get' careers as well. The ones that are a challenge are (Spoilers below - highlight text to read!)

    Spirit Hunter
    Blood Archer

    Seems like one for each path - and I would say that each of these is a strong career choice as well!

    Eye of Winter's Fury is very different - it's actually difficult not to stumble on all the careers in that book! The only ones that you might miss would be Bard and Chemist. (Highlight previous gap in text to read if you don't mind potential spoilers.)

  • Re: Careers

    ^ The last one you listed for Heart of Fire is one of my favourites, though I like Thief best, mainly for its Backstab ability.

    As for the one in The Legion of Shadow, I suppose it accurately represents the mentality of the people who took that career path!

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