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Topic: Patchwork Pauper Question

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  • Patchwork Pauper Question

    Does PP cause an old ability to replace a new ability in an item or simply add to it.

    Say you get the Pickpocket career and have the Spindlesilk set. The tinker in town sells a Murkwater Vest with the Corruption ability. Can I use Patchwork Pauper to maintain the Spindlesilk Set ability in addition to Corruption or must I replace Corruption with Spindlesilk Set?

  • Re: Patchwork Pauper Question

    The wording of Patchwork Pauper makes this clear:

    " can keep the special ability from the old item but replace its name and attributes with those of the new item."

    Firstly, you don't have to do this. Secondly, you swap the old item with the new one, replacing it with the new name and any +Speed/Brawn/Magic/Armour attributes. Thirdly, you can keep the special ability (e.g. 'bleed') from the old one instead of the new one.

    In other words, if you replace you don't get to keep the new special ability.

  • Re: Patchwork Pauper Question

    Beaten to it!

    Yes, the purpose of the ability is - if you have a great ability you want to keep, it means you don't have to lose it. When you replace the item in the relevant slot, you can keep the old ability - and the stats from the new item. If the new item had an ability, it is lost in favour of the old one.

    Hope that makes sense!

    So, in your example, the spindlesilk set ability would replace corruption - but you would have the improved stats of the murkwater vest.

  • Re: Patchwork Pauper Question

    cant find any thing called pached pauper in my copy

  • Re: Patchwork Pauper Question

    It's an ability you gain if you learn the Pickpocket career at entry 369.

  • Re: Patchwork Pauper Question

    If I remember rightly it was changed from the version in the first edition

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