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Topic: help. with quests

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  • help. with quests

    Please help me as I am stuck fighting sitadell while he is at speed 10 with 8 speed 5 brawn 11 magic 5 armour/
    Especially Abilities are
    Last rites ( I am mage acolyte)
    Second skin
    Bless( acolyte)

    I have restarted book 2 act 3 for the third time now I think!
    What am I doing wrong! I have been stuck on act two for over a week now! HELP PLEASE

  • Re: help. with quests

    If it is any help my idea is to kill the legendery monsters first. I don't see any of their item abilities on your list so I'm thinking you've not completed them. I've played many different characters so I can tell by looking at your stats that something is wrong/mages shouldn't have so much brawn for where you are. Perhaps you didn't drop any old items and upgrade with new ones??

    Killing the panther gives you an instant extra ability (demon claws) Just remembered. Make sure you have done the green, orange, and blue quests. You should a have better choice of abilities by the end of act 2.

  • Re: help. with quests

    Advice coming too late but second skin is a totally useless ability (only good for a couple of encounters) and abilities like swarm and fearless are weak for the second act. I have to agree with Shadowsam, it looks to me like you have missed some missions or some of the legendarys. Boost your speed and magic and don't worry so much about armour. Brawn you need none of which I'm sure you know.

  • Re: help. with quests

    Thanks for reply but I had already completed all of act ones quests and had done green, orange and blue quests 3 times in that order! I ended up starting the book again as I must have done something wrong magnetic act one but don't think so!!!

  • Re: help. with quests

    Is is normal to have speed of 5 when coming to legendary fights in act one as started from beginning of act one again and have 5 speed 4 brawn. 9 magic and 2 armour.

  • Re: help. with quests

    A speed of 5 or 6 is your aim for the end of Act 1 so sounds like you are all good and on track. The legendary monsters are optional challenges, so they will always be a little bit tougher than regular monsters. If you are struggling against a particular legendary then you could always call on the talents of Sir Bastion at Raven's Rest, to benefit from the added damage. Although he may loot your treasure!

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