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Topic: Best solution for Eye of Winter puzzle 600

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  • Best solution for Eye of Winter puzzle 600

    Hi folks,
    I'm trying to figure out the best way to solve this puzzle for the special achievement with the fewest additional globes.
    My solution is predicated on the assumption (not stated in the text) that when you use the frost globe, you can choose which guardian it affects.

    I think I can get all four with just an extra frost and tremor globe. My solution is:
    Shadow globe on guardian 1, shadow globes on guardians 2 and 3, then the next two are frost globes applied to 2 and 3. After that a tremor catches 1 and 4, then a frost drops 1 back, and a tremor kills 4. After that frost again pushes 1 back, leaving 2 and 3 in front and 1 a step behind. A third tremor hits 2 and 3, and all three will eventually die of the shadow globes before reaching the final arrow.

    I don't think it's possible to do better. You need to deal 600 damage all up. The first shadow will deal 100, the next two will deal 90 damage (since they are placed on the second square). The three frost globes will each deal 10 damage when applied to a shadow-cursed guardian. That brings us to 310 damage. Assuming you can use your two tremor globes to the maximum benefit, they do 100 damage each, which brings us to 510. The extra 90 damage could in theory be filled with a frost (10) and a shadow (for 80), but that means that you deal exactly 600 damage, which means all guardians must die on the last square. Further, since all guardians are cursed, each tremor globe must hit a different pair of guardians in order to avoid wasting damage, and may not hit groupings of 3 or more (as there is then less damage total).
    Unfortunately, once you stagger your guardians so that you have two in front and two behind, the two behind never run into new globes, new globes always hit the guardians in front. Therefore, in order for the two rear guardians to hit a tremor, the front two have to be killed. We only have 4 frost globes, which is not enough to move the front two back past the rear two (that would require 6). Therefore, the front two must die *before* the last square, which would contain a tremor to kill off the rear two. Unfortunately, since the total damage we can do is exactly 600, the front two must survive to the last square, as they need the extra shadow curse damage. Therefore, a bonus shadow and frost is *not* sufficient, you need a tremor and frost.

    Awesome puzzle!

  • Re: Best solution for Eye of Winter puzzle 600

    This is a great puzzle. I didn't have the patience to keep trying for the achievement but I know you can make an extra tremor orb. Look for a glass orb earlier and power it up with magic. I'll try and find the entry later when I am home. The tremor orbs seem the most powerful for winning.

    There is another shadow orb can be picked up too. Around the area where you get the Aldo ruins ring?

  • Re: Best solution for Eye of Winter puzzle 600

    You can acquire up to three additional orbs:

    A frost orb
    A shadow orb
    And a choice of a tremor orb, shadow orb or frost orb.

    Happy hunting ;)

  • Re: Best solution for Eye of Winter puzzle 600

    You need to get the History of Skardland book from the keeps library then use it to open a secret room where you find runes and the glass orb. Later you find some magic markings on the ground and they can turn them to make a magical orb.

    I never managed to all kill the guardians before the end (two left who I had down to half hit points) but not worried as I looked at the rewards not worth it really. Ablities nice but no speed on them!

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