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Topic: DQ2 - 809 riddle

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  • DQ2 - 809 riddle

    Hello everybody!
    My poor Venommancer and his pal Virgil are stuck in front of a riddling arratoch.

    Deep, deep, seven sleep, kings under the hill.
    Twenty yards and ten again,
    Two hundred dwarfs were marching then,
    A fathom more, but four less when,
    They fell into a dragon's den.
    How many feet are we?

    I cannot find the answer!
    I thought it might be connected to the number of feet (both with toes and for measuring distances) but it does not sound
    right. A yard is three feet and a fathom is six feet, right?

    I could add 14 (seven kings), plus 90 (twenty and ten yards means thirty yards), plus 400 (the two hundred marching dwarves), minus 18 (one more fathom and four less fathoms means three less fathoms) and the result would be 486. Do the dragon's paws/claws count as feet, too? Then it would be 490... But neither is correct!

    I spent the last two hours on this riddle. Can anybody help me, please?

  • I solved this

    I remember solving this correctly a while ago, though not exactly how. I don't think "four less" means fathoms, since you're then traveling -3 fathoms. I probably interpreted it as four less dwarves, who were killed when they fell in the dragon's den (if the fall didn't get them, the dragon did...). Then the pronoun "they" in the next sentence would match those four dead dwarves. So try adding the feet in one fathom but then subtracting eight for the four less dwarves. I doubt dragon's feet count, but maybe they did.

    P.s. Venommancers were awesome! So fast, and so much passive damage delivered before the battle even started!

  • Re: DQ2 - 809 riddle

    Thanks for your help!
    So, I if got it right, it is 90 (thirty yards), plus 400 (two hundred dwarfs), plus 6 (one fathom), minus 8 (four dwarfs). It equals 488, but it is not right. If I add 14 (the seven kings) I get to 502, but that is wrong, too.
    The correct answer is 504 (I found it browsing the nearby pages), yet I do not understand how to get there.

  • Re: DQ2 - 809 riddle

    The correct entry is 506. Therefore I think your calculations were accurate (if you remember to include the dragon)

  • Re: DQ2 - 809 riddle

    It is 506: how could I miss it!?
    Well, thanks for the answer!

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