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Topic: Legion of Shadow Hero Builder errors?

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  • Legion of Shadow Hero Builder errors?

    Hi Boss,
    I'm concerned about the Hero builder here:

    It's pretty cool, but so far I've looked at details for two items and they're both wrong, which doesn't look so good.
    The Drape of Shadow is a Cloak, but it's in the Head table, and the Dread Mask provides 1 speed, not 2.
    Has it been checked for other errors?


  • Re: Legion of Shadow Hero Builder errors?

    Thanks for pointing those out. I have uploaded an amended item list. Obviously, errors may creep into the hero builder as there is a lot to keep track of. That is why the community is important in pointing out any bugs. I think you were just unlucky (or lucky, in some cases) to have stumbled on two at once!

  • Re: Legion of Shadow Hero Builder errors?

    Blinding dust - the Act 3 Talisman has a misprint - deceive is mis-spelled and it doesn't give +2A.
    Torment - the Act 3 left hand item, gives +4 magic not +4 brawn.

    Also, any chance you could make the PDF use text and so be searchable?

  • Re: Legion of Shadow Hero Builder errors?

    Updated the online hero builder.

    To make it searchable text I believe I need Acrobat Pro, which I don't currently have - but that is likely to change as I need it for some other work I am doing. So yes, I'll look into making those searchable in the future.

  • Re: Legion of Shadow Hero Builder errors?

    Hi there. I’ve noticed other errors. For example: The Morgue is given as +3 Magic, when in fact it provides +4.

    Also: Nightwalker gloves are listed as being found in section 765. Not according to my book they’re not! In fact 765 contains The Morgue, Nemesis Shroud and Funeral Wraps.

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