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Topic: Toymaker's Tower Question

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  • Toymaker's Tower Question

    Hi all,

    I'm on my third playthrough of HoF (first play through with a Mage) and I have just completed the Toymaker's Tower quest for the third time.

    I have never yet managed to get all the components to build even one of the paper/scissors/stone warriors for the penultimate encounter.

    My question is - is it possible to find 'one true path' through the tower which would allow you to pick up the components to build all three warriors or is it only ever possible to build one (or maybe two)?

    I don't want a walkthrough or any spoilers - just a 'Yes' or 'No' so I will know whether or not I should attempt to find all the components on my next playthrough or not.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Re: Toymaker's Tower Question

    Most I have made is two (after three playthroughs) so I don't think three is possible. Would be interested to hear if there is a 'perfect' path through.

  • Re: Toymaker's Tower Question

    You definitely can't make all three which is sad because that would have made a great special achievement. In one area you have to make a decision between the workshop place and the garment/cloth part as both give items you need. At a guess you can probably make paper and rock or rock and metal (?) I'd need to play it again.

  • Re: Toymaker's Tower Question

    I know I may sound rude, but I'm always baffled to hear that people can't even take their time to "map" a mission of Destiny Quest... It's not like each one is a hundred sections long, they are around 30-50 sections at most, how are you supposed to win a gamebook if you don't keep track of which choices you have already made?! You are probably going to do the same thing you did the other times you played, come on people, focus on what you are doing...
    Rant over: anyway, you can't make more than a single "soldier" for each playthrough.

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