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Topic: DQ2 - Angelica Wreath Question

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  • DQ2 - Angelica Wreath Question


    I have a question about the 'Angelica Wreath' item which can be acquired fairly early in Act 1 and gives the 'Holy Protector' ability.

    I've been hanging on to this item and have now reached the beginning of Act 3 but one thing I noticed is that throughout Act 2, your hero meets many enemies who are classified as 'Undead', yet there is no mention in the text that you can use the 'Holy Protector' ability whereas this would have always been mentioned throughout Act 1.

    My question is - was this an oversight or can the Angelica Wreath still be used against enemies that are stated to be 'undead' even if the combat text doesn't explicitly say so? Or was it intended that this item (and it's power) can't be used after Act 1? I'm just wondering if it is worth hanging on to it in Act 3 or if I should just ditch it to free up a backpack/locker space.

    Sorry if this would be more suited to the 'Rules FAQ' section but I didn't want to spoil anything for people who might not have played DQ2 yet.


  • Re: DQ2 - Angelica Wreath Question

    The angelica wreath is effective against the undead in Blight Haven and the legendary encounter against The Restless Knight. In Act 2 it could also be used against the undead you first encounter in the Lamuri city (green quest).

    Beyond that, I decided that the more powerful undead you encounter later would no longer be affected by its powers (to save space and text on mentioning it each time an undead appeared!)

  • Re: DQ2 - Angelica Wreath Question

    Thanks! I'll be dropping into the next pool of magma that I come across then! Unless Virgil fancies that it would serve well as a decoration for his hat of course.

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