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Topic: DQ2 - 'Revenge of the Tigris' Advice?

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  • DQ2 - 'Revenge of the Tigris' Advice?

    Hi all,

    I'm struggling with the Succubus encounter in 'Revenge of the Tigris' in DQ2 and would like some advice as to what I might be able to do to beat her (any tips and hints for the battle/legendary monsters that I might be able to take on to get some better gear etc).

    Here's my hero:

    Warrior Brigand

    Speed:7, Brawn:9, Magic:2, Armour:7 Health: 45

    Speed Abilities: Time Shift, Curse, Radiance
    Combat Abilities: Prophecy, Impale
    Passives: Gouge (useless at the moment as I gave up my 'bleed' weapon in favour of a weapon with better speed and brawn stats), Fire Aura, Holy Protector (no use against a non-undead), Hexed (yes - I picked up the darn spear and can now only use 8 abilities in any combat), Pillage (nice for after the battle but not during!)
    Modifiers: War Paint, Heal, Surefooted, Suppress, Might of Stone

    My backpack items are currently:

    Golden Mirror, Angelica Wreath, Snakebite Venom (I just used up my Elixir of Life (restore to full health) and my First Aid Kit (to counter the Succubus' delirium), so these are now gone for good)

    In my locker I have: 3 Pots of Healing (+4) and a Pot of Brawn (+2 Brawn)

    I have 19 Gold Crowns

    So apart from keeping at it and just hoping that I can somehow keep rolling high whilst she keeps rolling low (must be a less than 1% chance or something) what other options do I have? As I say, I'm restricted to using only 8 abilities because of stupidly picking up the cursed spear and getting Hexed and I can't afford to buy another First Aid Kit to counter the delirium. I'm also kicking myself for giving up my 'bleed' weapon - but then I would have been fighting with one less Speed point and one less Brawn point.

    There are no other blue quests for me to try so only the Legendary Monsters and the Team Battle are left.

    Can I progress or should I just give up this character and start from scratch?

    Thanks in advance!

    Edit: Just beat 'The Fisher King' Legendary Monster on my second attempt. This hasn't really helped much though - none of the available items would improve my stats (in fact they would have reduced one or more of them). At least I got enough money for another First Aid Kit and a Gourd of Healing though! Now considering 'Gheira'.... mmm ....

    Edit: I beat Gheira first time, but it was very close and I ended up using both the First Aid Kit and Gourd of Healing. I took the 'Hunter's Heart' necklace which reduced my Brawn by one and my Magic by one but which increased by Speed by 1 and gave me the 'Savage Call' ability.

    So, I've decided to post my hero in the 'Post your hero' section and update him there as I proceed. I won't offer any spoilers in that thread and won't proceed any further here either as I now know that I have no other option but to get past the Succubus if I wish to continue this character - I have nowhere else left to go! (Unless anybody can suggest otherwise )

    Final Edit: OK - got past the Succubus at last with only 2 Health to spare and no potions left at all! My new gear has given me a bit of a boost but I still think I'm going to be struggling going forward until I can get this 'Hex' removed, get some more money and get my 'bleed' ability back. Wish me luck!

  • Re: DQ2 - 'Revenge of the Tigris' Advice?

    I remember the succubus was a tough fight. It is much easier if you have one or both tigris helping

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