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Topic: Hoc puzzles

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  • Hoc puzzles


    Just got Hoc, and done a green quest. I've also started the second one, and fallen on the puzzle page 191.

    I've thought quite a bit about it, but I just can't find the correspondance between the different candels.


  • Re: Hoc puzzles

    each of the triangles add up to the same number

  • Re: Hoc puzzles

    OK, thanks.
    I did find it without any help thow, wich was quite an achivement for me, hopeless as ever with those puzzles!

    I'm stuck on an other one now, in the red quest of act 1 that you get in the inn, page 51.
    I've gone through a few possible answers, put nothing right yet.
    A possible hint please?
    ( by the way, I loved seeing Eldias again-i've got his gun now! !)

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