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Topic: DQ2 maps!

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  • DQ2 maps!

    Look what I just stumbled upon:

    Images of the three maps from the next DQ2 book! They just made the waiting that much harder but at least something nice to drool over for a while.

  • Re: DQ2 maps!

    Sorry perhaps should have put this in spoilers :-/

  • Re: DQ2 maps!

    Moved to spoilers! ;)

    I didn't even know they were up there.

    Amazon's "look inside" feature (which personally, I despise with a passion) would have had them on display by the end of the week anyway, I'm guessing. Nice maps though, eh?

  • Re: DQ2 maps!

    They are amazing... At first sight i fear The Wicker Man in Act1, spiders in Act2 and everything in the Tartarus... Need to read The Heart of Fire right now!!!

  • Re: DQ2 maps!

    Every man, woman and child should fear the Wicker Man...

  • Re: DQ2 maps!

    Wow, can't wait!

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