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Topic: Abilities spoilers

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  • Abilities spoilers

    For Da Boss. I know this will come across as a dumb question. I really want to check out the new abilities but when you say spoilers are they plot spoilers or just stuff like careers? I want to start planning builds but got me worried I'll come across something about the plot I would rather not know!

  • Re: Abilities spoilers

    It's hard to say; nothing I would term major. Depends how much you want to read into some of the ability descriptions. I wouldn't worry too much - only wanted to flag it up as some people may want to avoid 'anything' that might hint at what is to come in the new book.

  • Re: Abilities spoilers

    I read through it, and don't see plot related info. There are things that might be related to some new combat mechanics? Set related ones tell you what the items are (not names, but slots). So, yes some, but I wouldn't classify it as major spoilers. Like Da Boss said, hints more than anything.

  • Re: Abilities spoilers

    I was too weak to resist! Some really interesting abilities. I like the sound of Monkey Mob!

  • Re: Abilities spoilers

    You can equip SNAKES???? !

    Thats gotta be a rpg first. Loving it! Venomancer career I assume going on the description.

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