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Topic: Puzzle (530)

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  • Puzzle (530)

    Wow, you made some good puzzles.

    I think I'm on the right track with this. I end up with 3 2 digit numbers for each of the symbols. I'm just stuck as to what to do with them after that. Maybe the pattern I figured out getting those 3 numbers is wrong? It's a combination of operators for each column (2 for each of them) that repeats.

    I'm betting that there is a hidden mechanic that I'm missing somewhere. Any hints?

  • Re: Puzzle (530)

    Those puzzles had me scratching my head too!
    That is the number ladder one isn't it? You add up the three totals to get a 3 digit number. Then turn to that page and hope you got it right It sounds like you have it corrct you need to add up your totals.

  • Re: Puzzle (530)

    I was close, and I had tried that, but with the wrong numbers. Maybe I should have my 6yo do my math next time...

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