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Topic: Killing Mathis

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  • Killing Mathis

    I just got Mathis down to 100 health before dying. Thought I'd try it as a test ignoring the -[snap out of it]- ability. Has anyone actually defeated him? I notice there is no rule for if you defeat him so the author assumes you would die or break the spell.

    It would have been good if there was a special achievement for killing the annoying inquisitor!

  • Re: Killing Mathis

    speed 15 and armor 19. i very much think it impossible.

  • Re: Killing Mathis

    Tactics for that fight.
    1. Roll sixes.
    2. Get the hell out of there!!!

    I don't reckon you can do that much damage to him. Even with piercing.... his stats are too good. Shame. As he is annoying

  • Re: Killing Mathis

    It's possible. An alchemist can get up to Speed 18 (my guy had Speed 18, Magic 23, Armour 2).

    I fought Mathis on my first playthrough, and got him down to 95 health without ever taking damage. But then I rolled my third '6'. So I made a note of what point I was at in the combat, and then - finding this thread - went back to finish him off.

    By the time I got him down to 100 health or so, I'd used up all my damage-dodging Abilities, so he did start to get a few lucky hits in. He bopped me three times, if I remember. But I had the 'Leech' ability. I was only hitting him for about 7 or 8 damage each time ('Rust' was handy, too), but each of those little taps was also replenishing my own health.

    My health score was 17 when Mathis went down at last. No potions used throughout.

  • Re: Killing Mathis

    Lol that's funny! When you read the skills you think alchemist is one of the worst classes but now I think they are best by far.

  • Re: Killing Mathis

    Well, from what I've learned from my - single - playthrough, and from what I've seen on the forum here, Mages can put together some pretty decent equipment - that is, if they're willing to completely neglect armour.

    An Alchemist's advantage over the other Mage careers is that they're not item-dependent; they can keep that talisman spot for something that gives an extra point in Speed.

    On the downside, an Alchemist probably won't do a lot of passive damage per round, or be able to hit several enemies at once. I was very tempted to change to Pyromancer when I found the appropriate item. Ignite/Burn/Embers would have been just lovely. But in the end, I really wanted to hang onto that extra point of Speed. Plus I didn't really like the idea of being dependent on an item for my career - an Alchemist's abilities, non-focused on combat as they are, are at least 'inherent'.

    On the other hand, completely neglecting Armour can prove tricky too - even with a high Speed, I found it absolutely impossible to get past King Louis, the big white ape, in Act II. His huge automatic damage per round, and me having no armour to soak it up, just made the fight too difficult.

    Ah, Mathis I can take down, but the great big monkey is the one that got away...

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