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Topic: Health items

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  • Health items

    Hi. Could anyone tell me what items in the game have +health. Is there only the winged locket from the chest in part 3?

  • Re: Health items

    I think its the only one unless I missed something.

  • Re: Health items

    There is another one. I don't remember when you get it now, but there is another one for sure. If I find it, I'll let you know.

    There you go. You must defeat Zul Ator. Then you can get a necklace that gives you +5 health.

  • Re: Health items

    Well remembered. I'd totally forgotten about that one!

  • Re: Health items

    I wasn't that fussed with the +health items. I'm not convinced that 5 or 10 health would make a huge amount of difference in a fight. Perhaps a consideration for rogues because of the lower health. Anyone taken any of these and found them helpful?!

  • Re: Health items

    I had thought about those items for my tanking build but i wasn't sold on the abilities and what I'd be giving up by choosing them. The Zul necklace is probabbly the best of the two but it has stiff competition from other items. It would have been good to see more items with health bonuses especially for warriors but I could also see it might unbalance the pvp side of things?

    I've not seen many builds using them.

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