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Topic: Green and Orange Quests

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  • Green and Orange Quests

    Can anyone help me?...having trouble telling which quests on the maps are green and which are orange...might seem stupid but they look the same to me
    Thanks in advance

  • Re: Green and Orange Quests

    lucky i got my book next to computer

    act 1 green quests 15, 10, 22
    act 2 green quests 305
    act 3 green quests 575

    act 1 orange quests 66, 4
    act 2 orange quests 326, 321
    act 3 orange quests 589

    they look pretty clear to me.

  • Re: Green and Orange Quests

    Thanks Darksorrow and prompt reply too...appreciate it

  • Re: Green and Orange Quests

    nps mate. I'm off to play my warrior

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