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Topic: Player x player (pvp)

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  • Player x player (pvp)

    Wouldn't be fun if we could find a way to have pvp combats using Skype or maybe msn ? We could have tournaments and even rankings displaying the best fighters all over the world , what do you guys think of that?

  • Re: Player x player (pvp)

    I think PvP tournaments and rankings are a great idea. It is something that I am looking into with the app version of Legion of Shadow coming out later this year. So basically, hold that thought! ;)

  • Re: Player x player (pvp)

    That would be fantastic!!! It would also be really cool if you could have a visual hero uploader like the warcraft armoury so that you can see the geear that your hero is wearing and compare with players around the world

  • Re: Player x player (pvp)

    So basically, hold that thought! ;)

    I think i just totally geeked out!

  • Re: Player x player (pvp)

    is the app/interactive version replacing the kindle one? I've just about managed to convince the wife to buy me a kindle based on my constant pestering about destiny quest!

  • Re: Player x player (pvp)

    There will definitely be a Kindle version, don't worry. Eventually... ;)

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