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Topic: "Dave's Challenge"

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  • "Dave's Challenge"

    Anyone remember the old SSI goldbox games like "Curse of the Azure Bonds" and "Pools of Darkness"? They had these extra, super-hard challenges in them.

    "Curse of the Azure Bonds" had you stumbling across a sort of 'monster convention' - a large room full of high-level drow, beholders, displacer beasts and rakshashas.

    "Pools of Darkness Challenge" was an option after you beat the standard game. It was just insane - dracolichs, Minions of Bane, Undead Beholders..., any "Mike's Challenges" in the book?

  • Re: "Dave's Challenge"

    I bow down to your gaming knowledge. I don't remember either challenges in those games, but I certainly played them to death! (Or I thought I did)

    There are plenty of 'mike's challenges' in DQ 1. The legendary monsters will cause a few headaches I am sure... and some monsters also have special achievements. So if you fulfull the criteria, you get bonus goodies. Nothing at the level of a monster convention though! ;)

    Darn, I love those SSI goldbox games... I assume you played Baldur's gate and Baldur's Gate 2? I've yet to play Planetscape Torment but the amount of positive press and fan love I keep reading about it, I feel I should seek it out...

    I SO want a new rpg to sink my time and teeth into. Dragon Age was ok... Fallout 3 just doesn't appeal (I know... I am a heathen). There is such a GAP in the market for a great fantasy epic... I guess Diablo 3 (finger mashing goodness) is the next light on the horizon. And I can't wait.

  • Re: "Dave's Challenge"

    Fable III ?

  • Re: "Dave's Challenge"

    I've never played any of the Fable games - would you guys rate them?

    I loved Fallout 3, and I've yet to play any of the DLC stuff for it. Dragon age was a lot of fun, but I thought the controls on the PS3 were slightly cumbersome - and the AI for the NPC group members was way off a lot of the time.


  • Re: "Dave's Challenge"

    I played Fable II on Xbox. It didn’t really grip me as much as I had hoped. The premise is good in that you get to ‘shape the world’ through your actions, but too many minigames and the whole ‘winning approval’ by giving gifts to people just annoyed me. I probably didn’t give it a fair chance, as – at the time – I was playing a lot of Warcraft. Fable III… not sure. I do like the artwork at least ;)

    Dragon Age. It was a very good game – top notch for storytelling and characterisation. I also liked the origin stories, thought that all worked really well. If I had criticisms, I would say some of the areas were very linear, the combat got repetitive (mage nuke ftw) and yes… I agree about the A.I. I was playing on PC so at least had the advantage of using the turn-based system, but even then I would often have Alistair and Lelianna just charging ahead like loons, even if you had Storm of the Century and every other AOE spell going… Even with the tactics system, I had to constantly micromanage, as characters often never did what you wanted them to do. (Lelianna, why are you just standing there… AGAIN?!) Still, minor niggles… very good game. I played some of the DLC (Shale is about the best of it) but wasn’t blown away. Haven’t touched the expansion.

    Fallout 3… I guess that is one that just passed me by. And I regret that. Thinking of maybe going back and picking it up, particularly as New Vegas has just come out. I suppose, because I have so little time to devote to gaming these days, I’m just getting more picky about what I buy.

  • Re: "Dave's Challenge"

    Fallout 3 is brilliant. I'm playing New Vegas now. it took me a while to get into, the first few hours are bit boring but once you get to the Vegas area then it really comes into its own. You would like all the faction stuff especially the Caesars (based on the romans! and they are nasty!). they have done some clever stuff with the theme. really good!

    but mike... how come you never ever ever mentioned they were doing a Goldeneye release for Wii?!!!!! OMG! (I hate the Wii but BUT BUT BUT GOLDENEYE!!!?!)

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