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Topic: witchfinder!

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  • witchfinder!

    woop woop, my nerd-o-meter just shot through the roof! could you make my choice of career any harder than it already is? <cries>

    will there be a warcraft style hero class -- the witchfinder general? lol

  • Re: witchfinder!


    Looking and sounding great. Can't wait for the release.

  • Re: witchfinder!

    never played warcraft before, so what's a witchfinder general?

  • Re: witchfinder!

    Mate, witchfinder general isn't warcraft. assume it is a ref to the classic cult horror film:

    Witchfinder General

    Based on Mathew Hopkins.

    Warcraft hero classes were something they introduced with the latest x-pack. They're meant to be "better" versions of existing classes. The Deathknight is the only one they have introduced so far.

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