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Topic: Quick tips to combat calculations

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  • Quick tips to combat calculations

    I'll share my fast tips from various rpg systems and the experience I got from them.

    1. When fighting an enemy, instead of rolling dice and adding your speed, just remember the difference between your both speeds.

    For example if you have speed 10 and the enemy have speed 9 this is +1 net speed for you. Just add 1 to your dice rolls.

    2. Armor and Magic/Brawl
    Similar story. Remember the difference between your damage modifier and his armor (same for him). If you have 10 brawl and he have 6 armor, that is +4 on each damage score.

    Of course some abilities can modify his characteristics (with limit) so this can be changed, however it's pretty fast this way

  • Re: Quick tips to combat calculations

    I actually do this myself add it is a lot of help.

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