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Topic: Waking the Dead?

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  • Waking the Dead?

    My, that will must of taken some time.

    Anyway, it is a great chunk of content, and is full of battles and rewards.

    I'm playing it at the minute.


  • Re: Waking the Dead?

    Yep I agree, nothing dead about this its alive and kicking lol. I just found a new ring so I'm v happy. Some v well thought out combat and a serious load of decent loot. Good work!

  • Re: Waking the Dead?

    Very impressive indeed.

    Thanks Michael!

  • Re: Waking the Dead?

    Were you one-shotting the mobs with your swordsmaster, Tis? Heh. I'm saving this for my second playthrough but I did just print it out. Its a monster!

  • Re: Waking the Dead?

    I lowered my speed to 14 to give them a fighting chance. The fighting was short

  • Re: Waking the Dead?

    Sweet! You're spoiling us

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