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Topic: Careers

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    All this talk of tweaking characters and special abilities sounds good, BUT, i'm confused, how can something that complicated work within a book? i'm intrigued to know how i can use strategy and combat in a fighting fantasy style game! bonkers!!

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    Hehe, I'll do my best to explain. I'll start with the FF books, as you brought them up as a reference. With the Fighting Fantasy books, I don't know about you, but the combat never really gripped me. The storytelling and puzzles were great, but the combat was dull. It wouldn't take long (particularly if my character died) to just cheat and ignore the combat.

    DQ is the opposite of that. Not that storytelling and puzzles are not important also, but people will replay DQ because (primarily) of the combat and hero system.

    In DQ you complete quests by defeating monsters. When you defeat a monster you get rewards (think Diablo, think Warcraft, think Dungeon Siege etc). You can choose one reward (sometimes more than one) to equip your hero. So right there, you are making choices about your hero... each reward will boost certain attributes and/or give you a special ability to use in combat.

    As you progress in the game, you will be swapping equipment and upgrading it, so your abilities will be changing. But this also allows you to customise your hero. If you like certain abilities - keep them. Others not working? Well, swap the equipment and get new ones. How you combine abilities in combat and play to your strengths is key to overcoming some of the tougher 'bosses' and legendary monsters.

    What people will geek out about (I hope) is just the variety of 'builds' (i.e. different ways you can outfit your character) that you can create. And these will vary based on your path and career. For example, an assassin may favour passive damage (venom, bleed etc) and daggers, whereas an inquisitor may concentrate on higher armour and defensive abilities. It is up to the player - and there is room to experiment.

    So... lots of strategy. Check out the how to play section (I'm sure you have already) for more on the abilities in the game and the combat system itself. The combat system is designed to be really simple to pick up - but with the abilities, will give you lots of imaginative ways that you can pummel and blast your foes into oblivion!

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    I like! Sounds similar to the Guild Wars skill bar where you mix and swap skills to suit different situations. Sound about right?

    Got a question tho/ what is to stop people cheating in destinyquest? a player could just pretend they killed something and get all the best loot couldn't they? agree about the ff books. combat sucked so glad this is better and sounds more adult/gamer

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    Ah loot cheats.

    It could and probably will happen, to an extent. However, it would be an odd way of playing, because there is no benefit to cheating. It would be like unlocking 'God Mode' in a game and having one hit insta-kills... you may get through the content in record time but the play experience is going to be pretty dull.

    By fighting opponents and learning from your mistakes, you realise your strengths and weaknesses. So when you do get those uber-rewards for defeating that tough enemy, you know what you need to take to improve your hero's performance. Someone who is not bothering with the combat would have no clue if that 'sword of ultimate smiting' is a better option than the 'cloak of over-powering stench', for instance. (Note: those names were made up... *cough*)

    If your hero dies in DQ you don't start over. That would be dumb. There is a different system in place. You are not penalised for dieing; you are encouraged to learn from your mistakes and try out different strategies. People will want to do the combat because that is where they will show their skill and knowledge...

    And hey, with the hero vs. hero rules, someone who cheated through the content would be shredded to pieces by a talented player anyway. It would just be total 'pwnage' ;-)

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    are your not doing anynew updates ? would be cool to see more careers

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    Never rule out the possibility... ;)

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