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Topic: Careers

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  • Careers

    Hi! Great website look forward to seeing more stuff up until the release. I've been looking through the 'how to play' info and wondered how many careers you get in each book?

  • Re: Careers

    Fifteen careers per book.

    Five warrior, five rogue and five mage ;-)

  • Re: Careers

    can you tell me what the rogue careers are going to be pleeease? assassin i guess and what others

  • Re: Careers

    Hello Slim

    I don't really want to give too much away, this early at least. I'd rather players discover the other careers for themselves as they play through the book and then comment on the forums. One thing I will say. Looking at your avatar... think you have another rogue career nailed right there. Check out the Inquisitor description

  • Re: Careers

    WITCHFINDER! that is my career sorted thank you

  • Re: Careers

    Loving the career updates And congratulations on a fantastic looking site. Can't wait for the book. This is a dream come true really. Well done!

    Thought I would go rogue when I saw the assassin but now I like the ranger. very cool artwork. Too many choices! Urgh!

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