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Topic: Loot Card Archive

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  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    Nice to share the info with others. Right now I'm looking forward to seeing whats on the new loot cards!

  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    I imagine all might be revealed in the next couple of days ;)

  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    I think I was missing info on the first two. Thanks!

  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    Will there be Heart of Fire Loot Cards or other goodies and if so, how do we go about getting them?

    Looking forward for the new book.


  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    There are (currently) six Heart of Fire loot cards. Gollancz will be running a competition on their site on Thursday to win copies of the book and full sets of cards, so I'd stay tuned to that:

    Other than that, will be selling/giving away cards at my confirmed signing events:

  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    Had completley forgotten about Dragonmeet but it unfortunately falls on the same day I've promised to help sell all the homemade soap and stuff the girlfriend has made. Grrrrr.

    Any chance of a signing in Chelmsford?


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