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Topic: Loot Card Archive

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  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    Thanks for the update, Gwaith. I agree with Pyre; that is an awesome ring.

  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    My card was inscribed gauntlets. Okay but not that great. I replaced it after a couple of quests in act 2. Image is really cool though!

    inscribed gauntlets
    +1 speed +2 brawn
    Ability: heal
    common 2/8

    equip at start of act 2

  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    I just got my Ebay book order (thanks for the speedy service Mike), and my two loot cards were:

    1. Knight's Rose - Common. Already detailed

    2. Stalker's Surprise - Rare 4/8

    (main hand or left hand)

    +2 speed +4 brawn

    Ability: bleed

    You can equip this item at the start of Act 3

    Sounds awesome!!

    I do have to say aswell, the artwork on these cards is simply superb. The cards themselves a slightly smaller than your regular CCG card (for instance), but the attention to detail is excellent. Well done Mike on the quality of the cards.

    Now I have to decide whether to order another book, simply to get some more cards


  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    Gulp. If that is a 'rare' item then what are the 'epics' like??

  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    I was thinking exactly the same thing myself

    Would love to get hold of just one to have a look at.


  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    I have rare item envy.
    Is that a sword? dagger? fist weapon? Sounds very cool and the stats aren't half bad either for an early ACT 3 weapon. You can equip in either hand, awesome!

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