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Topic: Loot Card Archive

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  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    Thank you kevin! I love seeing these cards! Is there any chance you post photos of the others? I'd like to see bubbling bile!!

  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    No problem ravenous. I will scan (rather than take a photo) of the 7 cards I have, and post pictures of them later this evening.

    Assuming Da Boss has no objections to me doing this?


  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    Woot! An epic at last. I like it but for a warrior main hand it is a bit slow. I'd have liked to see an extra speed point there to make it truly "epic". See I'm never happy eh?

    I agree with you starscream, the other epic will likely be a mage one

  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    I've no problem with you posting pictures. Post away! ;)

  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    Deceive and deep wound on one item. Hmm I'd really like that for my swordmaster (I know I would lose sweeping strikes but not sure I care!!). Epic indeed! Now I am sorely tempted into buying a collectors edition book to see what I get.

  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    As promised, here are the scans of my 7 Loot Cards...ironically, it's #7 I'm missing

    Firstly, the Commons:

    Next, those elusive Rares:

    Finally, they do exist, one of the notoriously difficult to find Epics:

    I think you will agree, the artwork on all of the Loot Cards is gorgeous, and they are even nicer "in the flesh".

    I hope you enjoy these.


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