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Topic: Loot Card Archive

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  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    KevinM, you have FIVE loot cards?! What you do, beat up people outside the signings and steal em?? lol

  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    I perhaps have some good news. I got one of the rare treasure cards you are missing from the list. It is called bubbling bile. The image shows a black bottle with bubbles of poison or goo coming out of it. It looks evil and a bit scary!

    The information is
    Ability: vitriol
    You can use this item after defeating Sharroth
    Legion of Shadow rare 6/8

    I only just got the book so I don't know if this is good or not or how it links to the story. Its rare so it must be special in some way?!

    This book looks incredible good fun. I am a long time fan of the fighting fantasy and lone wolf books, so I can't wait to get stuck into destiny quest!

  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    Does it have any stats? Brawn, magic, speed? Vitriol is not in the glossary of abilities

  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    Bubbling bile! I'll have some of that! ;-)
    Need more info. Attribute bonuses?

  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    It has no attributes. Description of Vitriol is:

    Vitriol (pa): use at teh start of combat to coat your weapons in bile. This does 1 damage to all opponnents including your hero at the end of each combat round.

    That sounds nasty!

  • Re: Loot Card Archive

    Hey, Blitz. Thanks for the info. Was that description on the card itself or did you find it somewhere in the book?

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