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Topic: Most damage in one round?

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  • Most damage in one round?

    Hi. I have been playing this game and loving it! I wanted to post after I just did record damage to a boss monster and got me wondering what other heroes top damage is.

    I am playing berseker and with [piercing] took off 49 damage in one hit. I used [dominate] to turn a 4 to a 6, that let me roll another die and got another two 6 and a 5, then added [savagery] +2.

    [Raining blows] berserker ability is AWESOME!!!

  • Re: Most damage in one round?

    That is indeed impressive! If you roll well then I think bersekers will always top the damage charts.

  • Re: Most damage in one round?

    Do warriors get deep wound and critical strike? Those abilities would be seriously OP for a berserker. Wouldn't they create two more dice (2 6s?)?

  • Re: Most damage in one round?

    warriors get <deliverance> (left hand sword) and <dragonslayer> (left hand sword). both have deep wound critical strike is rogue only bah!!

  • Re: Most damage in one round?

    And mages with the new wand :o)

  • Re: Most damage in one round?

    My swordmaster has the dragonslayer sword. I forgot that warriors could take it too. If I was playing berseker I'd definitely go dragonhunting in act2

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