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Topic: Thanks for the Update

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  • Thanks for the Update

    Thank you for the update. I'm one of those US customers eagerly awaiting my copy. Funny thing is that I just went through the same delay with a Book Depository shipment over Christmas. The order shipped in November, but because of customs the book didn't arrive until January. Now that I know, I'll try to avoid too many forlorn glances at the mailbox.

  • Re: Thanks for the Update

    Best news! My collector's edition made it through the mail today!

    I can't wait to start reading.

    Ended up with the Spell book of secrets (left hand: spell book, +1 speed, +2 magic, Dominate), which is awesome since I'm playing a mage. Thanks again!

  • Re: Thanks for the Update

    Phew, that is a relief. Yes, it appears that the US editions have finally made it through customs and are being delivered. I'm really pleased that everything arrived in tact - happy dice rolling!

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