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Topic: Downloadable content

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  • Downloadable content

    Maybe my memory is fading, but I noticed there appear to be additional "coming up" downloadable content. There seems to be a new Act 3 legendary creature, and a (hidden?) "four horsemen" encounter - this one only shows when my page is loading and then it is gone, so perhaps this is not meant to be seen!

    Currently in Act 2 and getting beaten up a little, so it might be good to add some love to the Act 2 content - another green quest might be nice!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Re: Downloadable content

    That is a mike or robbie (web guy) issue. something to do with your browser I reckon. It is fine on mine and you should see all the downloads, none are hidden. Try a different browser and see what happens.

  • Re: Downloadable content

    Disappearing text? Okay, that is a new one. I'll need to check with the techy people, but like Rhiu says, try a different browser and see if the problem persists.

  • Re: Downloadable content

    Currently in Act 2 and getting beaten up a little

    whats your speed and gear like?
    maybe you need to do some of the arena fights to help you. finish the withered glade and you get a good choice of loot for your hero don't let your speed drop low then you ok

  • Re: Downloadable content

    Interesting, the bottom content I can see is the "Waking the Dead" Blue Quest.

    My rogue is suffering a little - I was previously skill 10 but weak in other departments, but made the mistake of having a high "magic" score. I've swapped to brute (to use the rogue only hand items) but the transition has been a little tough and my skill is now only 8. Hence me putting up various rules questions to see if I am playing correctly!

  • Re: Downloadable content

    Act 2 is rather difficult if you miss certain books. My character had a really tough time completing Act 2. Managed to do everything though, except the dragon.

    I noticed two new Act3 episodes have been made available as downloadable content, one of which is a shop. Hopefully that will allow my character to stack up on much needed health items.

    In the Yahoo Gamebooks group ( a fanmade Act 2 episode is available in the files section. You have to be a member to download but that's free.

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