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Topic: Wrath of Ragnarok errata

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  • Wrath of Ragnarok errata

    It has been brought to my attention some errata for Wrath of Ragnarok. I am just about to get the book reprinted so these errors will be rectified:

    * Both entry 252 and 116 should award you the keyword survivors - to enable you to progress to the red quest.

    * Snake charmer item (entry 249) should be +1 speed +1 brawn

  • Re: Wrath of Ragnarok Kindle

    Hello, I'm new here and I'm from Brazil, and I would like to know if we will have this book in the Kindle version like the previous ones?

  • Re: Wrath of Ragnarok errata

    Hello - yes, I am planning on doing an eBook version but it won't be until the beginning of next year.

  • Re: Wrath of Ragnarok errata

    That's very nice. I'm very happy about that. I will definitely buy this book as an ebook. And the book "World Companion", is that also planned as an ebook? I would be very happy about that too. Thank you very much and have a great week!

  • Re: Wrath of Ragnarok errata

    I'm not sure, is the short answer. I had been thinking about printing a cheaper paperback option but I may just do as an ebook instead.

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