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Topic: various editions destiny quest?

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  • various editions destiny quest?

    I have the first volume of destiny quest, it's really great.

    I bought the second volume on amazon but it's smaller and the quest map is in black and white, I'm really disappointed.

    Do you know where I can buy the version with the coloured quest map?

    Thanks in advance

    PS: I live in France

  • Re: various editions destiny quest?

    Hi Dunkele

    Yes, I am afraid when Gollancz reprinted The Heart of Fire, they opted to go with black and white maps rather than colour (to save money!).

    The original colour section is available on the downloads page:

    Your only other option is to try and get one of first edition printings (so that will the the large format version of Heart of Fire, which will match the size of your Legion of Shadow. Not sure how you would hunt one of those down (there is one on Amazon Uk for £175!). Maybe keep checking eBay?

    The other books all have colour maps (Winter's Fury and Raiders of Dune Sea).

  • Re: various editions destiny quest?

    I'm looking on ebay but I didn't find volume 2 but volume 3!

    I would also like volume 3, but how do I know if it is the right edition?

  • Re: various editions destiny quest?

    If it helps, the ISBN of the large edition is:


    And the smaller edition:


    Both have colour maps.

  • Re: various editions destiny quest?

    You'll find it harder to find the large editions as they are out of print now, so likely to go for crazy prices. The current editions are all the smaller size.

    Hope that helps.

  • Re: various editions destiny quest?

    Thank for the ISBN :)and thank to help me

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