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Topic: LoS unreachable entries

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  • LoS unreachable entries

    Am I wrong or in LoS there are some paragraphs wich are not only unreachable but also duplicates?
    Entry 298 is an unreachable duplicate of entry 158.
    Entry 388 is an unreachable duplicate of entry 475.
    While entry 788 (in the Italian edition, at least) is not only unreachable, but "empty", since it only says something like "you did your best, but failed. Return to the map to continue".

  • Re: LoS unreachable entries

    Yes, you are correct. 298 and 388 were spotted at editing stage (English version) as missing entries, so filler text was added.

    788 was not spotted until the German edition. So, in German and Italian 788 was added with filler text.

    This only happened in Legion of Shadow.

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